Our Sectors
Editoria e saggistica
Editorial and Publishing
Our team translates your literary or descriptive documents so that they mirror the language, culture and richness of the original...
Medicina e farmacologia
Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
We believe that medical and pharmaceutical translation is an extremely specialised field for highly...
Marketing and comunicazione
Marketing e Communications
These days communications are important – in fact they are fundamental. That is why we dedicate special attention...
Energia e risorse
Energy and Resources
The problem with the scarcity of resources and the development of new alternative energy is an increasing part of international debate...
Traduzioni e legali
Legal Translations
API Service works with highly qualified personnel for the accurate translation of your legal documents...
Traduzioni tecniche
Technical Translations
We offer a number of technical translation services that are designed to satisfy the varying needs of the industrial...
Our services
Translation Revision
Final Editing
Interpreter Services
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